NeoCal is available in several editions to match your needs and includes the following features:

  • UI designed specifically for smartphones, tablets, and chromebooks
  • Multitasking support for use with other apps
  • Unique Dynamic Keyboard technology
  • User-selectable themes
  • Multiple keyboard layouts
  • 12-digit display with thousands separators
  • Labeled results for clarity
  • Optional RPN input method
  • Selectable RPN stack size
  • Up to four display lines
  • 20 or 100 user registers
  • Multi-level Undo/Redo
  • Macro record and playback
  • Extensive user guide
NeoCal Lite icon


Basic functionality with themes, conversions, and optional RPN

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NeoCal Scientific icon


Scientific and statistical functions with programmability

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NeoCal Financial icon


Complex financial and forecasting functions with date arithmetic

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NeoCal Advanced icon


All-in-one with scientific, financial, and programmer functions

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